How to make a personal loan without refusal

A no-refusal personal loan is an effective financing solution for certain situations. First, you need to understand your responsibility in this type of loan. Secondly, you must understand that this type of loan can greatly damage your finances. Indeed, this type of loan is not to be taken without consequences. For security measures, you will be required to provide certain documents proving your eligibility.

For example, you must provide proof of income. Simply send us a paycheque with your name and home address.


Fastbank will answer the following questions:

  • Is it safe to take out a personal loan?
  • What documentation is required?
  • How many payments are required for this type of loan?


The security of a no-refusal personal loan

No matter what you do online, you must be careful. For example, your bank’s and PayPal’s website may have been cloned. You receive an email telling you for example to log in to your PayPal account to validate your personal information. This is obviously fraud and


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Non-exhaustive list of documents that must be provided

You can find out how Fastbank works and what documents you need to provide here. Of course, you need to provide each of the documents mentioned even before you do the verification of your application.

Required documents:

  • A pre-authorized debit (PAD) form or a sample check that matches your bank statement
  • Your last pay stub
  • Photo identification (Example: Driver’s License)
  • The last 3 months of your bank statement
  • Proof of residence (current or previous month’s bills or lease)

Payment for this type of loan

Payments are made according to your pay cycle with an automated transfer. You can repay your loan in 2 or 3 months. For example, for a $750 loan, you will have to pay back $187.50 every two weeks over 3 months.


No Refusal Personal Loan Warning.

Fastbank reminds users of its services to understand the fees associated with this type of loan. The quick loan solution offers the illusion of good management of your finances. If you are not familiar with the terms and conditions of the loan, you should find someone who can help you. Stay vigilant about the lender you want to use.


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