How to make a fast loan?

The quick loan quickly helps with your financial problems. Your credit rating is of no importance to Fastbank. You can make a quick loan easily online. Whether you are in a bad financial situation or have a bad credit score, you can apply. The micro loan offers anyone the possibility of having a quick money loan. Some Reasons To Apply For A Quick Loan Fastbank will never judge you. We offer loan solutions that adapts to your financial situation. The quick loan can be used to meet certain urgent needs: Late cell phone bill. Payment of your mortgage if you are late. A trip to leave quickly. You may want to reimburse a friend quickly. No matter why you want a quick loan, we will help you. You can get a loan of $ 100, $ 250, $ 500, $ 1000, $ 1250. Most of the time, applicants want to make a loan in order to pay off a debt quickly so as not to be penalized. Sometimes it’s better to pay back quickly so as not to affect your credit score.

The amounts 

The amounts range from $ 100 to $ 500 for the first request. Thereafter the lender may decide to lend you more. Fastbank offers loans over $ 1,000 for its best customers. You can get a loan of $ 1,500 depending on the file. Fees and percentages for a quick loan The microphone offers the chance to apply for a loan even if your credit is not very good. No credit request is made to the credit bureaus provided for this purpose. This is why there is a handling fee for your file, which will be added to your loan balances. In case of non-payment or NSF you will have to pay fees to Fastbank and to your bank or institution.

list of documents requested for a loan request at Fastbank

It is very important that you complete and understand what documents to send us. Without all of the documents, you will have to re-submit a request or send us all of the documents to complete your request. A pre-authorized debit form (PAD) or a sample check corresponding to your bank statement Your last pay stub Photo ID (Example: Driver’s license) The last 3 months of your bank account statement Proof of residence (invoices or lease for the current or previous month)



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