How to make a no-refusal loan?

How to make a no-refusal loan?

The no-refusal loan

The quick loan offers flexibilities that no other loan can provide. There is a cost to such a financial product. You can get a loan without a credit check affecting your credit score. Depending on your current need, you can get the amount of money you want to solve a financial problem quickly. You may face some setbacks in your life that is why you can have a quick solution to your problems.

No Refusal Loan: A no refusal loan is a way of saying that lenders do not refuse any application and can approve your application quickly according to more flexible criteria. It should be noted that you can be turned down in this type of loan.

We will answer the following questions:

  • What is a no-refusal loan?
  • What are the reasons for a rejection?
  • The amounts for a loan?

Reasons for Denial

Fastbank can and does deny applications. And yes, unfortunately, we have to protect people from themselves. The micro loan is not for everyone. The fees, the payments over a three month period can be very difficult for some. If you don’t have a job, it will be difficult to get a loan. You must have a source of income that exceeds your expenses.

There are several reasons why you may be turned down. First, you must have a job. The number one reason for a loan denial is lack of employment.

No application denied

This phrase circulates on social networks and online to the unhappiness of users. It is impossible to never turn down a client. The phrase refers to the fact that no loan application will be refused. If you do not meet the criteria of each of the lenders, it will be impossible for you to receive your loan.

The main criteria are very simple. First, you must have a physical address, where you live and receive mail, and the lenders must know where to contact you at all times. Then you will need to provide proof of that physical address. You can send a picture of your Hydro account or a bill of some kind.


The amounts of a no-refusal loan

The fast loan offers many possibilities for the amount borrowed. You can get up to $1500 with Fastbank if you prove your income. If your debt load is adequate, you can easily get a loan of more than $1000. Fastbank must be able to rely on the credibility of the applicant in order to receive a fast money loan. You can also receive a loan of different amounts such as amounts ranging from $100 to $500 to be paid in less than 3 months.



How to make a no-refusal mini loan

How to make a no-refusal mini loan

Mini loan with No Refusal

The Mini loan with No Refusal offers unparalleled flexibilities for people with bad credit. This type of loan is a quick and hassle-free solution. The mini loan helps you without getting your credit score and regardless of your situation. Fast lenders impose criteria that must be met to obtain personal financing.

You can apply for a loan regardless of your financial situation. Bad credit, bad history, etc. nothing prevents you from applying and having a chance to be accepted. However, there are certain criteria that may affect your approval. We will try to answer the questions most often asked by applicants.


Fastbank would like to help you answer the most frequently asked questions:

  • How do I get approved for a mini loan?
  • Where do I apply?
  • What are the maximum and minimum amounts for a fast loan?
  • How does the credit score work?



How to get accepted for a mini loan

The no-refusal mini loan offers you a more flexible financing solution. To begin with, I’ll tell you that the mini loan does not use a credit checking company. There are certain criteria that all applicants must meet if they wish to be accepted. To begin with, you must have a permanent home with an email address. If you do not have an email address, there are several ways you can apply.

  • Fax
  • Phone

One of the criteria that greatly increases your chances is having a job. The more seniority you have in your company, the better your chances of being accepted. In the situation where you would like to renew your loan, the acceptance of your loan relies heavily on your repayment history.


How does the credit score work?

Have you been turned down by your bank? Yes, traditional financial institutions check your creditworthiness with a credit score. This determines your creditworthiness, i.e. the likelihood that you will repay your loan. Both lending companies and banks use the services of companies like TransUnion or Equifax.

Their bureaus list credit scores based on the applicant’s financing history. Your credit score is important because it will allow you to use financing with lower rates in the long run. The loan is higher because the risk is higher.

After a bankruptcy, for example, your credit score will drop to the point where you are no longer able to apply for a loan. Bankruptcy is not the only one, several behaviors generate a bad credit score. Try defaulting on your mortgage or car loan and you’ll realize that it will be harder to get a loan. A bad credit score is below 560. This results in an immediate penalty when applying for a loan.


Personal lender amounts

Personal lenders range in price from $100 to $60,000. Our best partners offer micro loans. The amounts for a quick loan range from $100 to $1500.





How to make a quick loan in Toronto ?

How to make a quick loan in Toronto ?

Toronto Quick Loan

Looking to apply for a loan in Toronto? It’s easy to find a quick financing solution to get a $1000 loan in Toronto. Simply search the internet and you will find a ton of solutions. Fastbank wants to offer you a fast solution for people in Toronto. You can be accepted for fast financing directly online.

It can be very difficult to apply for a loan if you have a bad credit history. Banks and financial institutions use credit bureaus before accepting your loan. Obviously, if your credit score does not meet their criteria, you will be automatically denied.


Fastbank would like to answer the following questions:

  • How do I get a loan in Toronto?
  • How do you send in your documents?
  • What are the amounts for a fast loan?


Fastbank Loan in Toronto

How do I get a loan while living in Toronto? Simply fill out an online application. But how does it work in reality. Here is a list of actions to take in order to get a micro loan.

Fill out a loan application
Meet Fastbank’s criteria
Send the necessary documents
Sign the contract
Receive your money directly online


Sending documents online

First, you can always email your documents to info@fastbank.ca. Of course, you can also send your documents directly online via a secure form. The documents are only used by the lender to know the applicant before lending money. You will be asked if you want to be accepted


100$ 200$ 500$ amounts according to your needs.

You will be able to obtain the amount of your choice. Some people want to pay off a debt quickly. No matter what your reasons are for taking out a loan, there will be no judgment on the part of the lender. The micro loan offers you loans from $100 to $1500 directly online.

The first time you apply for a loan, the maximum will be $1000. It all depends on your situation, the fast lenders offer you a loan according to your repayment capacity. In case the lender understands that they can lend you more than $1000

How to apply for a fast loan?

How to apply for a fast loan?

How to make a fast loan?

The quick loan quickly helps with your financial problems. Your credit rating is of no importance to Fastbank. You can make a quick loan easily online. Whether you are in a bad financial situation or have a bad credit score, you can apply. The micro loan offers anyone the possibility of having a quick money loan. Some Reasons To Apply For A Quick Loan Fastbank will never judge you. We offer loan solutions that adapts to your financial situation. The quick loan can be used to meet certain urgent needs: Late cell phone bill. Payment of your mortgage if you are late. A trip to leave quickly. You may want to reimburse a friend quickly. No matter why you want a quick loan, we will help you. You can get a loan of $ 100, $ 250, $ 500, $ 1000, $ 1250. Most of the time, applicants want to make a loan in order to pay off a debt quickly so as not to be penalized. Sometimes it’s better to pay back quickly so as not to affect your credit score.

The amounts 

The amounts range from $ 100 to $ 500 for the first request. Thereafter the lender may decide to lend you more. Fastbank offers loans over $ 1,000 for its best customers. You can get a loan of $ 1,500 depending on the file. Fees and percentages for a quick loan The microphone offers the chance to apply for a loan even if your credit is not very good. No credit request is made to the credit bureaus provided for this purpose. This is why there is a handling fee for your file, which will be added to your loan balances. In case of non-payment or NSF you will have to pay fees to Fastbank and to your bank or institution.

list of documents requested for a loan request at Fastbank

It is very important that you complete and understand what documents to send us. Without all of the documents, you will have to re-submit a request or send us all of the documents to complete your request. A pre-authorized debit form (PAD) or a sample check corresponding to your bank statement Your last pay stub Photo ID (Example: Driver’s license) The last 3 months of your bank account statement Proof of residence (invoices or lease for the current or previous month)